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Casinos On The Big Bang Theory

Casinos On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory was a beautiful, funny and also lively show on CBS and all of us really miss it ever since it aired its’ finale in 2019. It was initially about 4 best friends who are all very academically gifted, and they all work in Caltech is California which happens to be one of the most prestigious institutions in the country of the United States Of America. They are all geniuses, and that certainly has not stopped them from wanting to have fun in places like most normal people do.

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In one of the episodes we actually the gang of boys head top Las Vegas, and we see that all of them are into it except Sheldon because he does not have fun like a typical person would. His mind is a really scientific mind, and he is not exactly like an average human being. He has stated on multiple occasions that he is an extraordinary individual that is not crazy because his mother had him tested. Well, we see that the gang plans a road trip to Las Vegas and we also see that they go to a casino where Leonard and Raj hire a prostitute for Howard because he would have been feeling depressed because he would have been going through a break up. Well, we see them sit in a casino bar, and we see the two guys approach the woman and ask her to pretend to be Jewish, and then they hire her to seduce Howard. When she goes and talks to him, he slowly realizes that she is a prostitute and confronts the guys about her and then ends up thanking them for hiring her. He then continues on with her. We see this and understand that prostitutes and call girls are a common sight in casinos and especially in Las Vegas.

Prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas, but escorts are. That is why there are so many escort agencies, and you can actually see that they would be linked with so many casinos. In casinos, there would be casino games, and everything would be like a normal casino, but some escorts would be in the casino looking for clients.

In another scene, much later in the series, we see Sheldon in a casino observing a roulette table, and he keeps tabs on where the ball lands and he will want to make “several large bets” because he will want to make some money really fast because he wanted to fund his scientific research. Well, he gets spotted trying to cheat the casino, and he gets thrown out by security in the scene 9club. All in all, it is a hilarious scene, and it also shows you the security of the casinos and how good it is.

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